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Think of this device as an audio "bookcase" with individual shelves for OT, NT, outreach materials, Gospel music, teaching, testimonies, etc. It is suitable for private and small group listening (internal speaker or optional earbuds), and features solar/microUSB charging and sealed content.

SeedPlayer solar player, front and back with solar panel  SeedPlayer solar player, front and back with solar panel
Size:~40mm wide x 90mm tall x 20 mm deep
Audio:Internal speaker (suitable for a small group), or earbuds (standard with 3.5mm jack, user-supplied or purchase separately)
Battery:300 mAh Lithium Ion
Charging:-- Solar, via panel on the back
-- MicroUSB; cord and wall adapter user-supplied or purchase separately (note that this is the same charging plug and wall adapter used by many Android phones, so your users may or may not need these).
Charging time:-- Solar, ~2 hours for each hour of speaker operation.
-- MicroUSB, ~2.5 hours to full charge.
Play time:-- Speaker ~7 hours
-- Earbuds, 10+ hours
File format:mp3
Volume control:8 levels
Content:8 GB microSD card standard
Content access:Sealed.
Navigation:Four-level: "Shelf" - back/forward; "Book" - back/forward, back 10/forward 10; "Chapter" - back/forward, back 10/forward 10; "Page" - forward three minutes, back one minute.
Features:Lanyard hole, wrist or neck lanyard, LED charging indicator, play indicator, label areas, raised buttons, resumes at current track on power on; pause/unpause current position in track.
Options:Earbuds, micro USB charging cable, wall adapter, larger memory card.

  • Cases have small surface imperfections and layer marks; these are a normal characteristic of 3D printing.
  • We have limited stocks of various colors; if you are flexible on color, we can probably finish your project more quickly.
  • We want you to get the best player for your particular needs. If you need different features, we recommend various good players offered by our friends at Faith Comes By Hearing, Galcom, Kivah, Kulumi, MegaVoice, or Renew World Outreach.

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