Some Current Projects

Here are a few projects that we are working on.
To give to one of these, just indicate your preference* when you give.
Moma New Testament

With a population of about 10,000, the New Testament was dedicated in 2022. Audio players will help those who are illiterate, and in outreach projects.

Yamdena New Testament

We'd like to provide a supply of solar audio Bibles for this remote people group when the print New Testament is dedicated later in 2024.

The blind

The blind disciplemakers that we assist have a continuing need for audio Bibles in several languages.

braille reader
Soldiers and the hospitalized

These groups in Ukraine are particularly open to spiritual things and have much time on their hands.

Ukrainian soldiers
United States:
International students and refugees

God is bringing the world to us, and many welcome His Word in their own languages.

Players for ESL

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*We do our best to use funds according to donor wishes. If occasionally that is not possible -- because the need has been met or the situation has changed -- we will allocate gifts toward similar needs.

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