A Missing Piece

The Good News

Various Christian ministries have done effective, diligent work creating audio players that combine long play, durability, good sound quality and volume, easy navigation of book/chapter/verse file structures, and effective solar or USB charging.

Different models offer many additional helpful features -- flashlights and lanterns, speed control, volume to reach large audiences, multi-language support, built-in radios, recording capabilities, etc.

However, there is an unmet need.

A Hole in Our Outreach

There has been a lack of models in the sub-$20 space.

Imagine if printed Gospel materials started at $20. There would be no tracts, pamphlets, broadsides, handouts, letters, printed sermons, Gospel portions, or inexpensive Bibles -- just nice $20+ hardbound books and Bibles. How much would the Kingdom of God have been set back over the past 400 years?

But for the vast audio-preference audience we have previously identified, more than half of the world's population, audio players typically cost $20-60, making them a selective, limited option -- ideal for pastors, teachers, and narrowly-targeted, or well-funded distribution.

So how do we reconcile that with the need for abundant sowing of seed?

An Intriguing Data Point

There are actually numerous low-cost audio players already available from global suppliers:
Various players between $0 and $20 Various players between $0 and $20 Various players between $0 and $20 Various players between $0 and $20

Within this price range, though, each lacks one or more critical qualities -- reliability, construction quality, battery life, tactile/dependable controls, ease of charging or solar charging, sound quality or volume, navigation, protection of content, etc.

This does, however, raise a curious question. If you can buy an inexpensive audio player online -- with headphones, but no internal memory, no solar, and limited navigation -- for $2, shouldn't there be a Gospel tool with some of those missing elements for a bit more?

One that can be distributed like...seed?

Inexpensive offshore player with earbuds


Could this be the time for a low-cost audio solution?